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Ala Mobile Press Kit


Description: Ala Mobile is an open-wheel racing game in which you will race against 19 rivals on the most famous tracks around the world. Driving skills are not enough: learn how to manage the hybrid component of your engine, plan a winning strategy and adapt to different weather conditions.

Here are some of the key-features of the game:

  • Single player and Online multiplayer modes;

  • 16 Tracks from all over the world;

  • Variable and random weather;

  • 10 different cars, each with its own power, reliability and handling features;

  • 5 different tires compounds, each with it's pros and cons; 

  • Fully animated pit stops;

  • Powerful livery editor for designing your own car;

  • Helmet editor for maximum customization;

  • Engine Hybrid management system;

  • Fuel Management system;

  • Completely configurable car setup;

  • Safety Car;

  • Drag reduction system;

  • Cars damages and failures;

  • Slipstream physics;

  • Accurate vehicle dynamics;

Available on: Google Play, iOS Appstore and Nintendo Switch


Developer: CVi Games is run by a solo developer, Vincenzo Cosentino. Mechanical engineer specialized in vehicle dynamics, his aim is delivering an high fidelity, yet immediate, racing experience, which can amuse both casual and racing affectionate players. CVi Games is based in the south of Italy.

EU Launch trailer features PEGI rating at the beginning. For ESRB rating version, or any other additional press material and Redeem code inquiries, please do not hesitate to get in touch:

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